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Mirka Abranet Abrasives – A Name of Quality

Mirka Abranet is the name that has developed a reputation of quality net sanding abrasives. Mirka Abranet captured and now dominates a significant market share among hobbyists and professionals in a wide array of industries and disciplines worldwide. Mirka succeeded where others failed in developing a superior net sanding abrasive. The specialty of Abranet is dust-free sanding with superior dust extraction while still offering a perfect flat even surface. Each net fabric is a matrix of continuous 0.5mm dust extraction holes that quickly and easily clear even the tiniest dust particle across the entire surface.

The Abranet net abrasives offered by Get-Mirka are so efficient in removing dust particles that they minimize contamination in the air to create a healthier work environment. Additionally, the products eliminate dust clogging and the creation of pilling that can damage the surface of your work-piece.

The unique net sanding concept of Abranet is the brainchild and star product of Mirka and is unlike any later copycat or look-alike product. It is not a net that you sand with Abranet’s construction consists of a network of polyamide fabric on which the abrasive is perfectly evenly bonded.

The variations of Abranet allow a choice over Aluminum Oxide, Ceramic, or Silicone Carbide abrasive grits for a wide range of substrates such as wood, metal, glass, plastics, solid surface and beyond. has a full line of Abranet products as well as all the best accessories all manufactured with the Mirka standard of quality. Other Mirka Abrasive products offer choices of backings, such as film, cloth, foam and paper, and differences in coating matrixes to widen the choices and applications even more.

Popular Products That We Provide

We have various abrasive products available at, including Abranet, Abranet Ace, Abranet Ace HD, Abranet SIC, and also other Mirka Abrasives. You can select the one according to your preference and produce excellent results from hand sanding and machines sanding alike.