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3 inch disk

  • Mirka 3in Abranet 50 PK

    3 inch Abranet 50 Disc Box 9A-203

    Abranet The product that put Mirka on the world stage Aluminum Oxide abrasive medium bonded to a superior woven mesh backing   Its not sandpaper…  it’s a see-through sanding screen mesh Mirka describes is like...

    $26.30 - $29.17
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  • 3in Abranet Ace 50 Disc Box AC-203

    3in Abranet Ace 50 Disc Box AC-203

    Abranet Ace ABRANET ACE – Part of the Mirka Abranet family.  The Product that put Mirk on the world stage. Abranet Ace is a the same concept as Abranet with all the same properties except that it is a Ceramic Coated – Ceramic Abrasive...

    $33.47 - $36.79
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  • 3in Abralon 180 Grit 20 PK

    3 inch Abralon 20 Disc Box 8A-203

    Mirka Abralon A Silicone Carbide abrasive on a porous and flexible knitted fabric and then bonded to a foam backed Hook n Loop Pad.   This unique process allows the abrasive to conform to contours while letting water and air to pass through...

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  • 3in Microstar 50 PK

    3in Microstar 50 PK

    Microstar Mirka Microstar is a film backed abrasive – meaning super thin – super flat – yet flexible.  Mirka Microstar is available if very fine grits in small increments up to 2500 Microstar shines for fine post finish work, such...

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