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LEROS Wall and Ceiling Sander for Drywall by Get-Mirka

The Mirka LEROS Wall and ceiling sanders for drywall are specialty tools capable of easily and quickly making any drywall surface smooth. The very flexible and versatile LEROS Sander for drywall is a light and compact, yet very flexible tool that quickly reaches all the corners of the drywall to make a finished surface. This low-profile tool with its wide range of angles helps to quickly deliver an effective performance. When attached to the Mirka DE-120 Dust Extractor and equipped with Mirka Abranet Abrasive; the LEROS delivers with little downtime. Drywall sanding is a process that makes it smooth for new paint applications. However, drywall sanding generates a tremendous quantity of very fine dust. This dust that the process generates must be avoided for the benefit of your health and the cleanliness of your project. The Mirka LEROS drywall-sanding system helps create a finished look without producing the overload of dust typically associated with machine sanding of drywall.

The most important point to consider is the amount of drywall you want to finish. It is essential to consider because you need as little effort as possible if you have multiple rooms to process. This is where a Mirka LEROS drywall sander shines. LEROS does twice the work much faster without putting too much pressure, strain or vibration on the user. The associated parts of a machine also allow the effortless finishing of corners or rough edges.

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Get-Mirka is your one-stop shop for the LEROS drywall sander and other tools that will deliver guaranteed results without any extra effort.

All our machines come from the renowned manufacturer, Mirka tools and abrasives. Mirka LEROS will deliver the performance as required and make you and your work stand out. Besides machines, tools and abrasives, we have different support parts and accessories that cater to various purposes and uses.

Visit Get-Mirka and order a LEROS electric drywall sander and make a selection from a variety of drywall abrasives, supplies, and accessories that will surely fulfill your purpose without any issue.