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Jean Street Shipyard has been in business since 1843, one of the oldest Boatyards and Woodshops in the Country.   Our Marine Hardware Store, added in the late 1870’s, has supplied Boat Builders and Woodworkers both professional and hobbyist, with Materials and Supplies including Sandpaper, Tools and Abrasives for over a century.  Being not just a retailer, but a working shop, we really use the products we sell and in fact ONLY sell and endorse products that we believe in enough to use ourselves.  So when you have questions, you can ask someone who really uses the product and understands your question.

Two decades ago, at a Trade Show, a Mirka Representative  gave us a few samples of a new product,  MIRKA Abranet, to take back to our shop and try.  It is rare to be completely sold on a product on day one, but Abranet was a whole new world in sanding – a dust free world.  Our shop has Exclusively used Mirka Abrasives ever since.

Superior Dust control was a game changer!  – BUT it didn’t stop there!  Mirka’s “net type” abrasive was also the finest abrasive we had ever used.  It produced an even, consistent, flat and scratch free pattern and did it faster and better than any other abrasive.  Eliminate the clogging and pilling standard for conventional abrasives, saved time and effort, and significantly improved work quality.  A superior quality abrasive and a dust-free work environment, we never looked back.

Jean Street Shipyard has promoted and sold Mirka Abranet since its inception and it’s still our most asked for product.  We signed up from the start to be an enthusiastic reseller for Mirka Abranet and now a Distributor for all Mirka Tools and Abrasives.

Mirka continues to improve sanding.  The DEROS and DEOS dust free electric sanders for one are hands down the best sander ever for safety, quality and productivity and when connected to the new MIRKA HEPA dust collectors, operators enjoy the safety of the HEPA standard for a healthier work environment.  The AROP cordless polisher and the AOS for Cordless Spot repair has changed and streamlined Post Finish workflow.

Woodworking is more than our business, its a passion and an art, sometimes an obsession.  We can’t help but share that enthusiasm with hobbyists and professionals alike at every opportunity. Over these two decades, countless boat shops, boat manufacturers, body shops, wood shops, cabinet shops furniture makers, guitar makers and every imaginable industry and hobbyists in our area and over the country have made the Switch to exclusively MIRKA tools and abrasives.  That list of small shops to Nationwide Chains to World Wide Manufactures exclusively using MIRKA is dominating the world of finish products.  If you work with wood, metal, fiberglass, or solid surface, we have you covered.

We sell Mirka tools and Abrasives locally and Nationwide.  We’re small enough to give you personal service, experienced enough to give you meaningful support,  and big enough to quickly provide all the products you need for your shop, big or small.

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