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Air Sanders are tools that use compressed air to help sand wood, metal and/or other materials. They are sometimes used in place of electric sanders in various applications and situations. Air sanders come in different shapes and sizes, and can be used for a variety of purposes and applications.

Although there is no doubt that direct electric sanders such as the Mirka DEROS and the Mirka DEOS are fast becoming the sanding machines of the future, shops that are already amply supplied with clean compressed air can often realize a cost advantage of pneumatic sanding over electric sanders. From the start, the air motor, with its fewer moving parts, is less expensive to manufacture than an electric motor. The savings is reflected in the up-front investment of the tool. That is only if the up-front investment in good compressors and air supply infrastructure already has been made for that shop, then the cost savings of using pneumatic tools instead of electric can be significant. A poor air supply will most likely produce a poor result no-matter what air sander is used. The fewer moving parts of a pneumatic sander also make for longer reliability and less down time, especially with heavy use and more intense duty cycles. Motors that draw power from compressed air are often lighter in weight and longer lasting than their electric counterpart. Those advantages can sometimes make pneumatic the better choice for high production shops when quality air is already available.

Pneumatic sanders of all brands were all pretty similar for the last few decades that is until the Mirka PROS came on the market. The Mirka PROS is made by Mirka in Finland and is an all new design. The very ergonomic design gives the PROS superior results and convenient features for about a third of the cost of a comparable direct electric sanding machine. If you have an adequate supply of clean dry air in your shop, the Mirka PROS is worth a look.

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Each available in a variety of orbits

Popular Electric Sanding Products We Provide

Each available in a variety of sizes and orbits.

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